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Deveres e direitos Hotel Du Parc em Medellín

Deveres e direitos Hotel em Medellín


1. All persons who enter the Hotel in order to visit the people who are staying, will be subject to these rules. If not, hotel staff are entitled to suspend the visit
2. All visitors must register at the reception informing their name and the name of the person they visit and have and valid id.
3. The visitor cannot use the visitor areas until the guest authorizes their entry
4. The Hotel is not responsible for the money, valuables that are lost during the time of visit. It is your responsibility to take care of your belongings
5. Any damages that you cause in the facilities or property of the Hotel, you must respond and pay.
6. Appropriate behavior is requested during your visit such as speaking in a moderate voice, avoiding scandals, physical or verbal violence, against the guests or our employees.
7. In case of fire, flood or other emergency that may arise please follow the recommendations of our staff or use the guide and established evacuation routes.
8. We care about the proper use of basic services, helping to preserve our planet, help us with our approach.
9. The Hotel reserves the right to accept occasional visits.
10. Smoking is prohibited in The Hotel.
11. The use of toxic drugs, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances is prohibited.
12. It is forbidden to enter the Hotel in a state of critical alcohol (drunkness)
13. It is forbidden to enter pets except guide dogs.

You are staying in an executive hotel RNT 31274, we recommend you to keep your sanity in behavioral rules regarding excessive noise, drunkenness level, walking in common areas late at night and due behavior in standards Hygiene and toilet facilities.
2. The guest is obliged to cooperate in the preservation of the furniture and belongings made available to him, any damage to the hotel linen (towels, sheets, napkins) by dyes, grease, chemicals, rust or stains without identifying The value of repair or equivalent cost of the same may be charged to the account or charged in cash. Any damage caused to the property of the Hotel will be entirely the responsibility of the guest.
3. For your safety and that of the rest of the guests, it is NOT allowed the entrance of people to the rooms that have not been registered or announced by the reception, also in the withdrawal of the same from the facilities. The Hotel will incur an extra charge per night or day when it exceeds 30 minutes of visit. All minors must register in the company of their parents, visitors must announce and wait in lobby until the guest attends.
4. For your convenience, in time to leave, they must announce their departure to the reception, so that in their absence the room can be cleaned and recorded messages. Do not leave your card or key inside your room or give it to strangers. Be sure to return it at the end of your stay.
5. This establishment is smoke free, which is why smoking inside the infrastructure is prohibited. According to Law 1335 of July 21, 2009 of the Ministry of Health, prohibited smoking in enclosed spaces. If you decide to smoke inside the infrastructure you will be charged 210.000 + TAX COP per ozonification and deodorization
6. Money and valuables must be deposited in the Safes of the allocated room or reception The establishment is not responsible for the loss of objects inside rooms not deposited inside the box, if it has larger objects Request the custodial service in the administration. Remember to make the declaration of valuables during your check in. The objects or values forgotten by a guest in the room, will remain in custody of the administration of the hotel for a term of 90 days, after this period and when there is no claim, will be discarded.
7. We inform you that the breakfast hours included in the rate are from 6:00 am to 10:30 am in the restaurant area (ext 111), outside these hours this service will be charged to your account under a set value , We remind you that the check-out time is at 13:00 and check-in at 3:00 p.m.
8. Allowed Only pets.
9. Dear guest, we invite you to join our environmental campaign, if you need a change of your lingerie use our reed tent card (drop) of green located at the edge of the bed to request or not service.
10. Any complaint, suggestion or congratulation should be noted in the formats of complaints and suggestions that the hotel management has available to users at the reception, according to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Tourism.
11. Respect for the culture, beliefs, traditions and habits of the people of the Region
12. Rational use of natural resources
13. Comply with the legal requirements for the prevention of sexual exploitation of minors
14. Respect for the tranquility of other guests
15. Make separation of waste generated at the source

1. Receive respectful and friendly treatment in the provision of services by the hotel; There will be no discrimination on grounds of sex, political creed, religion, nationality or social status. The establishment may deny its services when the guest is present in the same when intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or narcotics or when it is intended to give different use to the hosting service.
2. Right to breakfast service as a promise of sale and included in your room rate per night.
3. Basic health insurance established by protected area for primary emergencies.
4. Receive in compliance the service of rent of a room and its accessories, by means of the payment of the canons and prices in force at the time of the presentation of the service and according to the different plans. The rate and plan are those that appear on the hotel registration card. The provision of these services will be subject to availability
5. Know the information on the management of the natural, socio-cultural and economic resources that impact the Hotel.
6. Know the information of the legal requirements applicable to guests for tourism and accommodation activities.
7. Enjoy the sights of the region.
8. If the hotel is unable to comply with a written reservation, whenever it is prepaid or forced to terminate the accommodation in advance, it must obtain accommodation for the guest in another establishment that complies with the same standard.
9. The establishment has taken adequate security measures and has civil liability insurance. In case of fire or flood please follow the recommendations of our staff or guide you with established evacuation routes
10. Receive billing for contracted services according to the legal framework
11. Receive tourist information and city guidance if required
12. To safeguard your security and confidentiality by the human resource of the hotel.
13. Hotel responsibly uses your personal data, complying with Ley 1581 of 2012 and Decreto 1377 of 2013.

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